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Flotation Vest

A Dog Running In The Water with Flotation Vest

Flotation Vest

The Dog Armor Flotation Vest is a flotation device for dogs that combines performance, comfort, and safety. The Flotation Vest allows water sports loving dog owners to focus on fun instead of being worried about their dogs’ safety.

Forward placed lifting handle

The Flotation Vest is equipped with a handle to easily lift your dog out of the water should he need help. To do that safely, the handle is placed forward on the body of the Vest, up between the shoulder blades. A strap with a quick release buckle is attached to the Flotation Vest which needs to be fit snug around the body just behind the front legs. This arrangement guarantees that when you lift your dog, the weight is borne by the well-protected and sturdy ribcage of your dog and that his head comes out of the water first.

Flotation Vest lifting RIGHT WRONG mm










  • Durable and flexible neoprene shell with Inner foam for maximum flotation.
  • Quick-drying neoprene keeping the vest light on land.
  • Forward placed lifting handle to lift head out of the water first.
  • Large leg holes and flexible materials for ease of motion and comfort
  • The bright red color and broad reflective striping ensure maximum visibility.
  • Bright reflective piping for added visibility.
  • Combination of velcro closures and quick release buckles for optimum adjustment and secure fastening.
  • Leash ring for easy and quick hook up.


It’s important practicing using the Flotation Vest so that your dog feels relaxed and comfortable while wearing it in the water. Some dogs may have the physical capacity to swim, but have a fear of the water nonetheless. They tend to panic when submerged and for a dog in the water, panic quickly leads to fatigue.

Therefore, make sure that you introduce the Flotation Vest when your dog is in a calm state. The dog needs to associate the Flotation Vest with a stress-free frame of mind. First try out the Flotation Vest on land a couple of times. After the dog feels comfortable wearing the Vest on dry land, try using it in the water. This is best done in a relatively shallow pool or lake while you are staying at his side to calm him down in case he panics.

Get him used to the feel of the water, then gradually work him into deeper water. If he’s moving around well and seems comfortable, you can throw out a floating toy or stick for him to fetch. If he swims out to the object and retrieves it, call him and encourage him to swim back to you. Praise him liberally when he reaches you. Repeat this process a few times to make sure your dog is used to the feeling of wearing a Flotation Vest in the water.

While trying the Flotation Vest in the water make the necessary adjustments of the straps and velcro of the Vest to ensure optimum fit.