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Knockdown Shirt

Knockdown Shirt

Knockdown Shirt

The Dog Armor Knockdown Shirt is a cooling ultra lightweight and comfortable dog coat made of Optimum Protective Color polyester mesh fabric containing a long-lasting anti-insect coating that knocks down and kills ticks, fleas and other insects.

Anti-insect coating

The Insect Shield anti-insect coating used on the Dog Armor Knockdown Shirt is a revolutionary insecticidal compound designed to provide long-lasting, effective, safe and convenient personal insect protection.

DA insect Shied. It combines a patent-pending impregnation process with a proprietary combination of the anti-insect substance (permethrin) and a binding substance resulting in effective, odorless insect protection that lasts the expected lifetime of the impregnated product.


Anti-Insect Coating Technology

So how to test if the Insect Shield anti-insect coating really works? The efficacy of the anti-insect coating can be assessed under laboratory conditions by knockdown testing. Knockdown testing is a widely accepted scientific laboratory method for determining the efficacy of anti-insect coated textile products. The knockdown test is the only scientific method to show effectiveness through long-term washings. Many recognized agencies utilize knockdown testing for this purpose, including the World Health Organization (WHO). One of the advantages of the test is that no animal subjects are exposed to insects.

How does the knockdown test work? For the knockdown test, an anti-insect impregnated textile sample is placed in an enclosed space containing insects for a specified time period, after which the sample is removed and the effect on the insects is documented and knockdown rates are recorded. The test results below illustrate the superior effectiveness of the Insect Shield technology.

The Insect Shield anti-insect substance will knock down ticks and fleas whenever they come in contact with the Knockdown Shirt. So if your dog is walking, running or playing outside while wearing his Knockdown coat he will be protected against all crawling, flying, biting and stinging insects. That makes the Dog Armor Knockdown Shirt an extremely effective tool for the early prevention of ecto-parasite infestations and for the prevention of nasty insect bites or stings.

Key features Dog Armor Knockdown Shirt:

  • Long-lasting insecticide coating that knocks down insects and lasts up to 70 launderings
  • Optimum protective color to reduce visibility for insects
  • Ultra lightweight mesh to stay cool in warm weather
  • Reflective trim for increased visibility

Optimum Protective Color

colorThe visible light spectrum for humans is made up of seven different colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, in length from 400 to 700 billionths of a meter in length. Insects see things different to humans. Light becomes visible to insects around the ultraviolet part of the color spectrum and ends at yellow light. Consequently, many insects do not see red or light in the red spectrum. Dog Armor Knockdown Shirts feature an Optimum Protective Color in the red spectrum which makes them virtually invisible to insects. This is why Dog Armor Knockdown Shirts are a more effective barrier preventing insects from biting your dog. Click on Dog Armor science for more information about the Optimum Protective Color.

Durable Knitted Mesh fabric

The lightweight knitted polyester mesh fabric of the Dog Armor Knockdown Shirt is providing physical protection against insect bites while keeping your dog cool in warm weather. Besides serving as a physical barrier between the dogs’ skin and insects it serves as a substrate for the anti-insect compound. The durability, toughness, and tear-resistance of knitted polyester make Dog Armor Knockdown Shirts suitable for wearing inside the house, in the city as well as out in the field.



nocatsIMPORTANT RISK INFORMATION: While permethrin is very well tolerated in dogs, in cats it is toxic and may cause severe adverse reactions. Although the permethrin concentration on the Dog Armor Knockdown products is significantly lower than in the concentrated spot-on products, Dog Armor gear and apparel is not considered suitable for cats. For more information, contact your veterinarian.