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Why Dog Armor

The ancestors of our present day dogs, a now-extinct wolf-like canid, evolved clever ways to protect themselves from external influences. Their fur protected them from rain and cold, their sharp teeth helped them to defend themselves against enemies and the pads on the bottom of their paws enabled them to strut around on their bare feet with no trouble at all.

Unfortunately our dog’s ancestors, and in fact also our present day dogs, were not protected against all imaginable external factors. Examples are insect pests. In nature dogs cannot protect themselves from mosquito bites and associated heartworm infections or from tick infestations and related Lyme disease; conditions that may cause their untimely death.

This situation is possibly aggravated by the fact that certain dog breeds have lost protective traits over the years. This is because we have tried to breed dogs with particular characteristics for specific purposes such as the short-legged Dachshund, bred for below ground hunting or for meeting local preferences such as the Pug or the Mexican Hairless Dog. While doing so some of the useful protective qualities of the dogs disappeared such as long legs an elongated snout (for easy breathing) or insulating coat.

Finally there are external influences that do not occur in nature but are created by ourselves, for example, when leaving a dog at home alone while going to work. In nature, such a fearful event hardly occurs as dogs are almost never away from their pack. Consequently dogs have not evolved a protection mechanism against such incidents.

As pet owners, it’s our job to protect our dogs against these external factors if the dog’s protection mechanism falls short, and Dog Armor Canine Protection Gear can help to accomplish that intention.